How To Get A Free SSL Certificate For Your WordPress Website

It has been about five months since my last post, I was busy on another project and have not time to write in here. Today, I write a new post to tell you a way to get a free SSL certificate for your WordPress blog / website. As you know, Google is now using the HTTPS method as a search engine ranking signal. So if you active SSL secure connection on your website, it could help boost your ranking.

CloudFlare, it’s a name that you may hear sometime in somewhere or already using its services. But do you know they are offering a free SSL certificate? In order to enable SSL on your WordPress website, you must have CloudFlare operating on your website. I have posted another post and it’s a step by step tutorial to learn how to sign up, add your domain and setup CloudFlare account. Take a few minutes to read and setup your account.

How To Setup Free SSL Certificate From CloudFlare

1. In order to activate this free SSL from CloudFlare, you have to install two plugins:

2. The CloudFlare plugin will let you control CloudFlare settings from WordPress admin panel, while the CloudFlare Flexible SSL will help to stop redirect loop if occur.

3. After you activated two plugins, go to Settings > CloudFlare, and then fill your details.


4. Next, go to Settings > General, and then change WordPress Address and Site Address to HTTPS method. After saved, the website will force you log out, and ask to log in again under HTTPS method.


5. However, your website still does not use HTTPS as default. You need to go back to your CloudFlare account, click on Page Rules option. Filled “*”, select “Always use https” and click on “Add rule”.

https setup

Congratulation, your website is now running on HTTPS method. Hope it can help you to boost your search engine ranking results. If you found this article is useful, please share to your friends.


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